With "YES, YOU CAN!" Aultman welcomes most health plans*.

The Yes, You Can program provides access to Aultman facilities, services and physicians. We'll pay the difference between your in-network and out-of-network coverage. We'll waive the deductible difference up to $2,000 and 30% coinsurance.

Easy Access to Aultman

You don't have to call us every time you use an Aultman facility. Once you are accepted into the Yes, You Can program, you qualify for future visits to Aultman - unless your insurance plan changes. If your plan changes, simply contact the Yes, You Can department to update your information.

Covered Services

If you are accepted, you will have access to Aultman Hospital and Aultman's hospital-based physicians. Covered facilities include: Aultman Carrollton, Aultman Family Practice Centers, Aultman Home Health Care, Aultman Home Medical Supply, Aultman Hospital, Aultman Louisville, Aultman North, Aultman Tusc, Aultman West, Aultman Woodlawn

Aultman-based physicians including anesthesiologists, pathologists and radiologists are included in Yes, You Can. Check with the Yes, You Can program to see if your doctors participate.

*You are eligible for "Yes, You Can" if your commercial health plan allows out-of-network service. You are still responsible for your health plan's regular in-network deductibles and co-pays. People with Medicaid, Medicaid HMO, Medicare, Medicare HMOs, Medicare Advantage Plans, most commercial HMOs, other federal and state plans, Medicare supplements and auto liability claims are not eligible for "Yes, You Can."

Emergency Room Services rendered by Canton Aultman Emergency Physicians are billed separately. Patients enrolled in "Yes, You Can" are eligible for a discount of 20% of patient responsibility for these services.


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